Malcolm Teasdale
Author, Adventurer and Public Speaker
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Whether it is a talk about motivation, education, or for entertainment purposes only, Malcolm likely has a subject matter that will fit the bill for the audience.

After many years of speaking at trade shows and sales events around the World, it seemed like the next logical step was to present on cruise ships or social gatherings. Since moving away from the technology industry, he has traveled extensively to places that one may describe as "off-the-beaten track". His books describe many of those experiences.

This is quite a departure from extensive travel over 20 years to business hubs and large congested cities on planet Earth.

His talks are mainly about travel, based on first hand experience, but there are others about sports, geography, and langauge.

This page describes some of the presentation subjects that are designed to enlighten and educate, with an emphasis on fact and quirkiness. After all, we all need to laugh sometime.

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... Plus lots more